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Fetish Tentation

Fetish temptation - Three pieces

Fetish temptation - Three pieces

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Discover new sensations with our must-have three-piece set. Consisting of a black blindfold, a pair of metal handcuffs and a faux leather whip, this set is perfect for those who want to explore stimulation of the senses. The blindfold will plunge you into darkness, intensifying every touch, every thrill. The metal handcuffs add an exciting dimension of control, while the faux leather whip provides extra stimulation for those who dare.

Description and use

Whether you are a novice or an initiate, this set invites you to push the limits of sensuality and live memorable experiences. Prepare to feel each sensation with increased intensity. Indulge in sensory exploration with our three-piece set.


- Whip: Faux leather

- Handcuff: Metal

Dimensions and quantities

- Whip length: 29 cm

Care Instructions

You can clean these products with mild soap and a little lukewarm water, but avoid products that are too aggressive as they could damage the materials.


Due to its special nature, this product does not benefit from any warranty.

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